@ubuntu.com address different than LP name, is it possible?

Asked by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2008-12-15

As a Contributing Developer (indirect Ubuntu Member) I have the privilege of getting an Ubuntu email alias. I would like to be able to use it more often, especially in the Maintainer field of packages that I maintain in Debian so as to show Ubuntu contributing back to Debian. Currently my LP user name is "andrewsomething." I have fairly distinct identity with that name in forums ect, yet I would much rather have my Ubuntu address reflect the Gmail address it is an alias for "a.starr.b" as it is more professional. It reflects both Ubuntu and Debian better when used in a quasi-official manner than "andrewsomething."

Yet as I said, "andrewsomething" is part of my identity. Simply changing my LP user name to "a.starr.b" is problematic. As I have begun to use my LP OpenID to access some sites, giving up the ID could enable some one to use my old identity. I also maintain a PPA, and wonder about the implications of this change in that context. I have no idea how many people actually use it, but changing its location would create problems for them. It would also potentially allow some one to pop up with my old name in LP and start providing packages using it. Anyone not aware of the changes would potentially be downloading packages that they trusted as mine, yet were someone else's entirely.

Well, this has simply been a long round about way of asking what the title already states. Is it possible to have an @ubuntu.com address different than your LP name? Or am I just out of luck? Probably just out of luck, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask....

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There shouldn't be a problem having an email address that is different from your LP username.

But how would you go about setting that up? Currently the Ubuntu address automatically uses you LP name.

oh, i didn't realise that, sorry! I'll try to solicit some help with that.

Need to find someone who knows the @ubuntu.com setup better

So, the answer is, no, you can't - the current setup requires your @ubuntu.com address to be identical to your LP username.

Thought so, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for checking it out for me!