Please remove association between team & email.

Asked by Joseph Price on 2008-11-29

Please could you remove the associated email to the ubuntu-irc-cloaks team.

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Diogo Matsubara (matsubara) said :

There are no emails associated with that team. Is this still an issue?

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Joseph Price (pricechild) said :

I believe there is a bug in the system, in that despite me having done my best to remove the email myself, I can't apply that same email to a different team. I was informed by Hobbsee in #launchpad about this.

I will add the email back to the team.

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Joseph Price (pricechild) said :

just noticed i'm nolonger getting the same error as i used to when trying to assign the email to the new team. I'll wait for the confirmation error and cross my fingers.

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Gary Poster (gary) said :

Hello. Is this resolved?

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Joseph Price (pricechild) said :

It isn't.

At the time of my earlier message I was confused and was trying to add the wrong email address, then non surprisingly never got the confirmation email.

When trying to add the email to the other group, I still get the error:
There is 1 error.
irc-council THIS IS REALLY AN AT lists.ubuntu AND A DOT com is already registered in Launchpad and is associated with Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode.

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Brad Crittenden (bac) said :

Hi Joseph,

I'm sorry you are still having problems but I'm unsure what you actually want us to do now. Can you please try to explain exactly what action you need to have happen and we'll try to fix it for you.


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Joseph Price (pricechild) said :

The team names "ubuntu-irc-cloaks" used to have an email associated with it. I've given that above, but with random stuff in place of the @ & . just incase.

I want to add that same email address to the ubuntu-irc-council email. However launchpad does not allow me to do this, when I try, it gives the error that I pasted above.

I have tried removing that email as the contact address for ubuntu-irc-cloaks, however this has not helped, it is still obviously associated somewhere behind the scenes as I still get the same error as above when trying to add it to ubuntu-irc-council.

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Joseph Price (pricechild) said :

whoops wrong button.

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Barry Warsaw (barry) said :


Hi, I'm also trying to figure this issue out. Are you saying you want to add the above email address as the team contract address for the ubuntu-irc-cloaks team? Is Launchpad still giving you an error, or is it that the association is not yet working?

The reason I ask is because the irc-council email address is a mailing list on, and any contact address change request must be confirmed by sending an email to the address in question. That email would have gone to the mailing list, and the mailing list may have held the message for approval. Thus it's possible that the request has gone through, but it's sitting in the list's admin queue waiting to be approved.

I ask this because I cannot find any other association between a team and that email address. It's definitely not currently associated with ~ubuntu-irc-cloaks as far as I can tell.

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Barry Warsaw (barry) said :

I chatted with Joseph on irc and I think this is a legitimate issue for the
LOSAs. Here's the problem as I see it.

Joseph wants to set the ubuntu-irc-council contact address to irc-council -at-
lists -dot- ubuntu -dot- com. When he tries to do that, Launchpad complains
that the email address is already registered, and to the ~ubuntu-irc-cloaks
team. However, when looking at the latter team through the web u/i, we can
find no traces of that email address. Search Launchpad also shows no signs of
that email address on the site.

I suspect that there's some weird EmailAddress table entry for that address,
associated with the ~ubuntu-irc-cloaks team but that it's not the team's
preferred address. I think only a db query will tell us for sure, probably
something like this:

SELECT * FROM emailaddress WHERE email = 'the-address-from-above';

It would be very interesting to know whether you get a hit, and if so, which
person it's tied to. And if the address is the preferred email for that

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Barry Warsaw (barry) said :

I will assign it to the losas

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