How may I unset my location?

Asked by Emmet Hikory on 2008-10-02

Another user has set an incorrect location for me, displaying a location in maps for my user, and teams to which I belong. I'd like this location not to be set. The only means by which I appear to be able to do so also hide my timezone from other users. How may I reset to the previous state where the timezone was exposed, but no location was exposed?

I very much prefer to be accurate, but wish to be sufficiently imprecise that my location is obscured. With the current interface, I appear to be limited to either being inaccurate or being sufficiently precise that someone can look in my window.

If there is no means of adjusting this in the UI, could an admin please reset the status?

Thank you.

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Ursula Junque (ursinha) said : #1


It's not possible to reset the location on map to that previous state it was. I've filed a bug about this map-timezone behavior, bug #277276. Feel free to comment on it. Also, the ability of changing others' timezones is related to another bug, bug #262193.



Emmet Hikory (persia) said : #2

Thanks for the answer. I'm marking this "Problem Solved" so it goes away, but my problem certainly isn't solved, and appears insoluable.