Please, make private our branch

Asked by Aldo Latino on 2008-09-23

Hi, we are the Italian group for translating the Full CIrcle Magazine [].

We are using Launchpad for sharing all the related-to-FCM job files inside the group. In this way, all the files are publicly available. We do not want this, because of the publishing policy of FCM.

If it's possible, we ask you these two things:
1. make our branch [] accessible only to all active members of this group []
2. maintain publicly available all the PDFs we put here []

Thank you in advance! :)

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Tom Haddon
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Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #1

The branch has been made private.

Thanks, Tom

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #2

Hi Tom!

Thank you! You have been a lightning! :D

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #3

Thanks Tom Haddon, that solved my question.

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #4

I need further informations.

1. After changing our branch into private, I and other active members cannot pull any update.
Why this?

2. Also, we cannot view the code and the files of every revision.
Usually, we clicked on the number of every revision and we did browse the files. Now, no more.
Why this?

Thanks in advance! :)

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #5


The question nr. 1 is resolved.
In fact, I typed:
bzr launchpad-login <name>
and I was authenticated.

The question nr. 2 remains open (see message above).

Thank you in advance.

Joey Stanford (joey) said : #6

Hi Aldo,

for 2. maintain publicly available all the PDFs we put here []

I don't understand the question I guess, because you can simply add a download file there and upload a pdf.


Joey Stanford (joey) said : #7

Oh sorry, Aldo. You mean why can't you use codebrowse! Codebrowse is not available (yet) for private branches because it requires more code to determine who is authorized to view it and not. Since we use loggerhead for codebrowsing, loggerhead doesn't support private branches and we'd have to update the integration of Launchpad and Loggerhead to do this. It's on our list of things to accomplish but it won't be in the near future.

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #8

Thanks Joey Stanford, that solved my question.

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #9

Hi Admins,

we need to codebrowse our files, so I would ask you to make this branch public:

We apologize for this. It's important for us to browsecode our files.
Thank you in advance.

Best Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said : #10

This branch has been made public again.

Thanks, Tom

Aldo Latino (aldolat) said : #11

Thanks Tom Haddon, that solved my question.