Please rename python2.4-matplotlib project to matplotlib

Asked by LaserJock on 2008-09-09

The python2.4-matplotlib project seems to be the more active home for matplotlib. It's really badly named as python2.4-matplotlib was the .deb name back in like Edgy but the source package and the project are named matplotlib. There is an existing matplotlib project but python2.4-matplotlib is more active. If you can kill off matplotlib and rename python2.4-matplotlib to matplotlib I'd really appreciate it.

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Joey Stanford (joey) said : #1

Hi Jordon,

Should be easy if there are no strings attached.

To be on the safe side, can you please paste in the urls of the projects?



Joey Stanford (joey) said : #2

ps. Please ping me on #launchpad when you do this in case I miss the email subscription.

Joey Stanford (joey) said : #4

I have emailed Hector and John, the respective project owners, about the duplication and this question. Awaiting a reply.

John D Hunter (jdh2358) said : #5


I am the original author and current lead developer of matplotlib, and
I registered the matplotlib name on launchpad to reserve a place in
case we want to use some of the hosting services. Currently, we use
sourceforge for VCS, bug-tracking, etc..., but we may want to use some
or all of the launchpad services going forward, which is why I
registed it. Several projects in the suite of tools for scientific
computing in python (ipython, numpy, scipy) already use parts
or all of launchpad for their code hosting and maintenance, so I
reserved the name for matplotlib because we try and provide a
consistent set of code management and documentation tools for users
where possible.

It appears that the python2.4-matplotlib page maintained by Hector
Miuler Malpica Gallegos is designed for the ubuntu/debian matplotlib
package, and perhaps should be renamed to something like
matplotlib-ubuntu or something like that. But the matplotlib page
which I registered should be reserved for the main matplotlib


LaserJock (laserjock) said : #6


I believe the "python2.4-matplotlib" project was just mistakingly created. But since then it has been used to file bugs against and we have a bzr mirror of matplotlib SVN there. I'd like to move all that over to the "matplotlib" project as that's the correct place to have it. We don't want to have a separate project for packaging. There should be only 1 Launchpad project for matplotlib. Unfortunately, the python2.4-matplotlib project has already been "used" so I was trying to not drop that information.

Francis J. Lacoste (flacoste) said : #7

Hi John and Jordan,

Jordan is right in the sense that there should only be one Launchpad project related to matplotlib. Launchpad makes it easy to see what is related to the packaging and what is related to the project (upstream bugs) and bugs that are specific to the package.

Since the python2.4-matplotlib is the one that has "active" status, I think it would be easiest to merge the information in matplotlib (basically the project details, screenshots, etc.) into the python2.4-matplotlib one. We could then "delete" the matplotlib one and rename the python2.4-matplotlib to matplotlib, but reassign ownership of it to John, so that he can still control the "official" aspect of it.

The project should also be configured to state that bugs aren't tracked in Launchpad, but an appropriate SF bugtracker could be registered to make bugwatch easier.

How that plan sounds to you? If you agree Jordan, could you make sure that the python2.4-matplotlib project details matches the original one.


LaserJock (laserjock) said : #8

Well, I can't make any changes directly as I'm not the owner of either team, but if you just copy over the details from the "matplotlib" project it should be just fine. Once the python2.4-matplotlib project is renamed then I'll go back and fix the bugs (only 5) to properly link upstream rather than point to the LP project. In any case, what Francis proposes is exactly what I think needs to happen.

Francis J. Lacoste (flacoste) said : #9

Ok, once John agrees to the plan, the admin that will do the renaming will take care of copying over the details.

John D Hunter (jdh2358) said : #10

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Francis J. Lacoste
<email address hidden> wrote:
> Question #44558 on Launchpad itself changed:
> Status: Open => Answered
> Francis J. Lacoste proposed the following answer:
> Ok, once John agrees to the plan, the admin that will do the renaming
> will take care of copying over the details.

Yes, this plan looks good to me -- thanks for helping out, and let me
know what I can do on my end to help.


Stuart Bishop (stub) said : #11

Merge agreed to but not yet performed.

Herb McNew (herb) said : #12

This has been completed as requested.


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