Tips for authoring Blueprints, anyone?

Asked by Zearin

I created my first Launchpad project not too long ago: “The Schema Collective”. And I'd like to get started creating some Blueprints, but I'm not sure how to proceed.

Firstly, the project's goal is to provide a bunch of diagrams, XML schemas, and pre-generated code skeletons for a bunch of different standards (like VCARD, iCalendar, FOAF, DOAP, DocBook, etc.). So I could organize this by standard, or by something like “diagram for each standard”, “XML schema for each standard”, and so on.

Secondly, Launchpad describes Blueprints as being for a few sketchy sentences of an idea to a full-blown specification. However, this project only lives on Launchpad. So if I wanted, say, to write a more in-depth Blueprint, am I pretty much stuck having to upload something somewhere else? Could I write detailed documentation in the project itself, and have a Blueprint point to that documentation in the repository?

Any other general tips or best practices for authoring Blueprints?

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Best Diogo Matsubara (matsubara) said :


currently Launchpad Blueprints doesn't offer any documentation hosting. There are plans to include that in the future but no estimates yet. I've linked the corresponding bug report to this question, so you'll be notified when that bug is fixed.

If you want to write an in-depth blueprint, you could use an external wiki (i.e. and link to that from your LP registered blueprint.

Hope that helps,


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Zearin (zearin) said :

Thanks Diogo Matsubara, that solved my question.