Use a Launchpad project as repository for several (small) projects?

Asked by Robert Kosara

I'm still a bit new to Bazaar, but I'm really liking it. What I want to do now is set up a project on Launchpad that acts like a repository for several small projects. This is for little applets I write for my webpage, where I don't want to start a new project for every one. I would like to keep them separate if possible, so they don't have to live within the same parent directory on my computer. Is that possible? If yes, how do I do that?

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Robert Kosara
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Robert Kosara (rkosara) said :

*bump* Anybody? Also, if this isn't possible or doesn't make sense in bzr, let me know ...

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Jonathan Lange (jml) said :

Hi Robert,

You can set up a project on Launchpad and then push a bunch of totally unrelated branches to that project. We don't recommend it, because Launchpad works best when a "project" really is a project. Another thing you can do is push branches up to your '+junk' folder. For example,

    bzr push lp:~rkosara/+junk/branch-name

will create a branch in your junk directory.

But really, none of this has anything to do with where you keep the branches on your personal computer. You can put them anywhere you like.

I hope this helps,

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Robert Kosara (rkosara) said :

I guess I'll have to look more into how branches work in bzr, something is confusing me there. But I guess having all these independent branches also makes it harder to get the code people want and to collaborate on a single project, so perhaps I'll really make separate projects for them. I just felt that because they're rather small, it wouldn't make sense to do that.