how to review a translation?

Asked by furryspider on 2008-08-21

My apologies if this is a question with an obvious answer, doesn't belong here or has already been asked before -- I couldn't find anything neither in the FAQ, nor in the Answers section nor elsewhere, and I still have to get some grasp on this site's structure.

I'm currently trying to get involved in translating some strings. Many translations are marked as needing review. My understanding of this is that another native speaker other than the original translator should check if the translation makes sense. If this is true (is it?), I'd feel pretty comfortable to do this for many of the strings in my language.

The question is, how would I properly do this? Do I just remove the checkmark and save, and that's it?

Thanks for some enlightenment, or even just a link to some decent documentation. :-)

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Best Thor K. H. (nitrolinken) said : #1

Reviewing is mostly about exactly that - re-viewing.

The best way is to check if the translation is good and consise, and if it isn't - fix it or keep the reviewing mark checked. If you think the translation is good, or you've fixed it, you just remove the checkmark.

Usually the one who translated a string would ask for reviewing as (s)he might have considered the translation to be only half-good.

This is certainly something that could've been documented.

Thanks for the quick answer, I appreciate it.

So it is just as I guessed, removing the checkmark will give the translation a "reviewed by xy" status. That solves this question, thanks!


Quote: "This is certainly something that could've been documented."
I would have thought that the core functionality of a site like this would have a central, clearly marked spot for documentation and How-Tos. That's why I felt really awkward asking this question, but I just didn't find any such place, and the tour is hardly more than a commercial. If I've really just overlooked the documentation area, I'd appreciate any pointers to it. Thanks!

Thanks Thor Marius K. Høgås, that solved my question.