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Asked by Seth N. Hetu on 2008-08-19

I have several dozen people interested in translating Ubuntu into Burmese, but we need a central location to discuss encoding issues, etc. Thus, I would like to create the ubuntu-l10n-my mailing list to centralize localization efforts for the Burmese language.

However, I seem to be asking in all the wrong places. I was not able to create the list myself on (insufficient privleges), and my email to <email address hidden> has gone unanswered for about a week.

Who should I contact to get this mailing list set up?

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I've contacted Jorge on IRC and he's handling this.
Jorge Castro (jorge) said : #1

Hi Seth,

Please send a mail to <email address hidden> to request a mailing list. Thanks!

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #2

If this is an official Ubuntu list, I don't know what the procedure is to request a mailing list on Jorge is the decider on whether whether this is official Ubuntu or not.

If not, then you could easily create the list in Launchpad, just by creating the team and then requesting a mailing list for it. Before doing that though, please wait to see what Jorge says.

Seth N. Hetu (sorlok-reaves) said : #3

Barry, Jorge, thanks for the advice. I've emailed <email address hidden>; I will mark this as "solved" when I get a reply.

Have a nice day,

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #4

(marking answered for now)

Seth N. Hetu (sorlok-reaves) said : #5

Hi Christian, Barry, Jorge,

   It has been one week since I emailed <email address hidden>, with no response. I understand that the Ubuntu team is quite busy and deserves not to be harried, but I feel a week is long enough to wait for a simple mailing list.

   If any of you are familiar with the list maintainer, could you kindly ask him to give me some feedback? If my email remains un-answered for another week, I'll just make a Google Group for L10N of Ubuntu into Burmese. I'd rather have an Ubuntu-sponsored list (as, I'm sure, would you) but my team here is ready to go, and we'd like to start translating some key packages before Intrepid freezes language packs.

Thanks again for considering my request, and I really do regret pestering you all. All the best,

Barry Warsaw (barry) said : #6

Has this been handled or does anything more need to be done here?

Jorge Castro (jorge) said : #7

This list has been approved and is in the RT queue, no need for this to remain open here.

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