please merge the team 'motumedia-tauware' into the team 'motumedia'

Asked by Reinhard Tartler on 2007-02-08

I created a team called 'motumedia' in the past, and selected the contact address '<email address hidden>', a list maintained and hosted by me. I'm also subscribed there. Then we uploaded some packages with that list as maintainer. this resulted in me getting many bugs twice, so I disabled the contact adress. Now I notice that a new account called 'motumedia-tauware' was created.

Now I'd like to have these two accounts merged.

I hope that the merge will not cause that 'motumedia' gets '<email address hidden>' as contact address, because this would cause me getting bug reports twice again.

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Reinhard Tartler (siretart) said :

additional discussion in #ubuntu-motu:

12:43:08 < Hobbsee> siretart: how are you getting the first copy of the mail though?
12:44:04 < Fujitsu> Hobbsee, I wondered that too. If there is a contact address, team members won't get the mail.
12:44:26 < siretart> Hobbsee: both me and the team got subscribed to the bugs
12:44:39 < Hobbsee> siretart: why did you get subscribed though?
12:45:04 < siretart> Hobbsee: a) I filed bugs, b) the bug got assigned to me
12:45:28 < Hobbsee> you cleraly dont have an email client that filters all duplicate mails.
12:45:42 < siretart> Hobbsee: that's not possible, because mailman mangles the mails
12:45:52 < Hobbsee> good point

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Reinhard Tartler (siretart) said :

is any information missing in my support request? are there problems/bugs needing to be solved first?

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Diogo Matsubara (matsubara) said :

Hello Reinhard,

we can't merge teams yet due bug 29177.

I'm linking this request to that bug and as soon as there's news about it, you'll be notified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Christian Reis (kiko) said :

Hi there. To finish this process, I need somebody who has an account on the list (and knows the mailing list address) to claim that account into a team. To do that, visit

Once that's done, I can merge the teams for you.

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Reinhard Tartler (siretart) said :

christian: ok, I claimed the team now. Can you please now merge 'motumedia-tauware' into 'motumedia' please?


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Tom Haddon (mthaddon) said :

This has been done.

Thanks, Tom

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