Broke the CodeOfConduct

Asked by Rolando Blanco on 2007-01-30

This is tha case, look this
This is the Spanish Documentation Project, Well the Owern Broke the Code Of Cunduct and Then we wanna give the owrn proyect to other member in fact, if you see how is the actual owner, you can see that say, "First I used Ubuntu, but now I'm a Debian User," Later say some Bad word! I propose to erase this user too!.

He cover his face in the Avatar, but you can see what he do with his finger.

I, like Ubuntu-ve Lider, Deactivate him from our team. I know about Efrain Valles ( who is a English teacher and can take the control of the project, then I propose him too, to be the Owner or Administrator. Can you help us?.

In Venezuela, somes Debian Users, don't like the Ubuntu Users, Is not rasonable, when think that Mark use Debian like base to Ubuntu, In fact, I think that his action is very xtreme but, what Can we do? Just Work!

He don't Be respectful. he don't Be collaborative, and don't Step down considerately therefor I propose the change of owner to effi_jayx. We just wanna work,

Thank You!

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Mark Shuttleworth
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Joey Stanford (joey) said : #1

Rolando, I believe this needs to be brought up at a future community council meeting for discussion. I'll provide them with a heads up in the event this is not the correct course of action. Joey

Colin Watson (cjwatson) said : #2

That's correct - Rolando, please escalate this to a CC meeting (see for details). Out of fairness, please also inform Jesus and Efrain that this is taking place, and invite them to participate.

Best Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) said : #3

Hi Rolando. Would making effi_jayx an admin on that team help out?

Diogo Matsubara (matsubara) said : #4

I asked Kiko to transfer the ownership to effi_jayx based on bug

Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) said : #5

I've written to the current owner of the team to ask him to comment on
the proposed change in ownership.


Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #6

User confirmed that the request is solved.

Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #7

Thanks to all, I will be in the next community council meeting!

tlgraham12 (tlgraham12) said : #8

you guy stop fucking emailing me

Colin Watson <email address hidden> wrote: Support request #3406 on Launchpad changed:

Colin Watson proposed the following answer:
That's correct - Rolando, please escalate this to a CC meeting (see for details). Out of
fairness, please also inform Jesus and Efrain that this is taking place,
and invite them to participate.

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Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) said : #9

tlgraham12, I'm not sure why but you are subscribed to this support ticket. You can unsubscribe very easily, here:


Rolando Blanco (rolando) said : #10

Hello to all CC and Launchpad members, I did send this letter to quidam- and wanna share it with all you.

Thank you!

Dear Jesús Molina:

I would like to express my formal apologies beforehand regarding my drastic behavior on the issue of Ubuntu and Project abandon. I must point out that the before stated was not what shocked me. In the information on your launchpad profile, in my opinion, you expressed your discontent with UBUNTU, with a obscene gesture, which is what lead me to act the way I did, for the good of the community rather than my own, because you are member and a representative of the Venezuela LoCo team.

Obviously, I should have made more attempts to contact you and not have to bother launchpad administrators nor the CC for a topic as trivial as this. and what is more important, I should have filled myself with understanding and tolerance, like trying to solve this in another way.

It is very clear, Unfortunately we are not perfect, because we are humans, even though we are perfectible and every experience well taken and internalized will lead us to the path of brotherhood we are all looking for.

Today, I feel happy and satisfied, because I have seen that you changed your launchpad profile, changing it to what it was originally.

In that sense, and considering the situation, even though I know you are a debian user, I will allow myself to reinstate you back to your condition of official member of Ubuntu-ve, which may not be of much importance to you today, but tomorrow never knows.

Expecting your understanding and allowing the translation and post of this messages in the Ticket in launchpad (solved)..