I want to resign. How?

Asked by ptoye on 2008-05-23

I am no longer interested in Linux. So I would like to resign from this community. I cannot find any way of doing it, and the answers thrown up by my question imply that I can't. So can someone there please do it for me?

Thanks in advance.

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Best Phibes (unlisted) said : #1

Are you returning to Windows?

www.badvista.org is a site you should check out first.

There are books you can buy, forums, and more if you want to take control of your operating system rather than having it control you. Linux is a good thing, but it only for those willing to learn.

The Ubuntu forums and Google helped me make the conversion from Windows to Linux. They can help you too if you're willing to invest the time to learn.

I've learned that Ubuntu has more features, is much more secure, is much faster, and is immensely more powerful and reliable than Windows will ever hope to be.

If you still wish to 'resign', all you need to do is stop participating.

ptoye (i-launchpad-ptoye-com) said : #2

Well, thanks for your concern.

I had never "left" Windows. I was looking at Ubuntu on a spare machine with a view to using it to digitise my analogue audio collection. The software just doesn't work. Sorry and all that. The Windows software works out of the box. Look at the latest comments on bug [1].

I'm sure that Linux is a great server OS, but I have no need for that. And for simple desktop also. But for anything else you have to have infinite time, patience and resources.

On resigning - how on earth do I stop receiving the endless wibble on Bug 1? I couldn't find any way of disassociating myself from it.

ptoye (i-launchpad-ptoye-com) said : #3

And I've just found the "unsubscribe" link. There is so much wibble on Bug 1 that the left-hand window hadn't initialised itself in time.