How to mark my project translations as synchronized?

Asked by Kjell Braden on 2008-03-01


I'm the upstream author of gdecrypt, and I somehow managed to get the bars that show the translation status for my project green ("synchronized") some time ago. Now, lot's of strings have changed and as I just imported the new translations into my code, I'd like to get them marked green again. How can I do this? Maybe there should be a hint on some wiki page about those states.

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #1

It depends. Are you saying other people modified your translations? Or that the colouring on the statistics bars changed when you uploaded your new translations?

Kjell Braden (afflux) said : #2

My project is being translated in rosetta by several people. I exported the translations, adjusted some strings, imported them into my upstream bzr branch and re-imported the adjusted strings into rosetta as "published". Now some strings got the "packaged:" suggestion, some didn't. I expected that all strings would be set to the "packaged" ones and that the colouring on the statistics bars in the template overview would be all green.

In case that was the wrong behavior to get them marked as "synced" (green in the statistics), can you please explain it to me or point me at some sort of documentation?

Bruno (bruno666-666) said : #3

The problem is that the translations made in Launchpad are regarded as priority over upstream translations (published in the import dialog, or packaged in the Launchpad template). So those strings wont be updated when a new sync with upstream (or an import mark as published) occurs.
You need to import your .po file as "user upload" or manually revert all strings in the template by checking "packaged" in Launchpad.

Kjell Braden (afflux) said : #4

I exported the current Launchpad translations, re-imported them as published, then re-imported them as user upload. Still, the "packaged" strings are not available for all strings and i they are available they contain strings from at least a month ago and not the current ones.

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #5

I can see the German translations have been re-imported, and a non-published upload should indeed have overridden the changes.

One thing I can imagine could have happened is that you re-imported while the previous import was still on the queue, and so the second request was seen as a duplicate of the first. Did you get separate confirmation emails for the two imports?

Kjell Braden (afflux) said : #6

Yes I did:

-- first --
Hello Kjell Braden,

On 2008-03-09 09:39+0000 (21 minutes ago), you uploaded 163
German (de) translations for gdecrypt in GDecrypt trunk in Launchpad.

This mail is to notify you that all translations have now been

Thank you,

The Launchpad team
-- second --
Hello Kjell Braden,

On 2008-03-09 10:19+0000 (25 minutes ago), you uploaded 163
German (de) translations for gdecrypt in GDecrypt trunk in Launchpad.

This mail is to notify you that all translations have now been

Thank you,

The Launchpad team
-- snip --

They don't contain any note on whether they were published or user imports, but I'm pretty sure that the first one was published and the second was a user import.

We have a bug in our code that was breaking this synchronizing process, you can track it with the linked bug:

Kjell Braden (afflux) said : #8

Thanks Carlos Perelló Marín, that solved my question.

FTA (saintrecall) said : #9


I'm having exactly this problem. how do i mark my irish translation as "synchronized"?

I tried uploading a new file as "user upload" and after that i tried "published" but I'm still watching the old strings.

Also I'm having a problem with the "need review" counter in the trunk. I edited the .PO file, the translation seems to be ok, and should be accepted but I still see the "Need review" for the same string.

I would like to:

- Have my irish translation totally synchronized
- Fix the problem with the "need review" in the trunk

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #10

FTA: A translated message should be marked as green if the "packaged" translation (i.e. from a published upload) matches the one that Launchpad considers current (i.e. the latest one from a user upload, or the latest selected by a translation team member). To make sure I understand the problem, could you give me a URL to where you're not seeing what you would expect?

The "need review" terminology is a bit messed up right now (and yes, we are working on it).

In the translate pages, at the moment the "items needing review" filter equates to the "fuzzy" flag in an import, or the "Someone should review this translation" checkbox in the UI. In the overview, on the other hand, "Need review" stands for messages with new suggestions.

So there's nothing wrong with those messages, except there are suggestions for them that are newer than the current translation. Right now we have no easy way of clearing those, other than by accepting a new translation. That, too, is something we dearly want to fix. For now, if you have new suggestions that you're not going to use, and you don't want them to be considered new suggestions anymore, you can clear those messages' translations, then go back and select your Packaged translations again.

FTA (saintrecall) said : #11

At the bottom of this URL:

It shows a partial blue bar instead of a full green bar.

I re-uploaded the file but it still shows as "blue", i've uploaded the translation file with new strings.

how do i mark all the translation as a "packaged" and synchronized (green) translation?

- I already tried to upload as "User upload"
- I already tried to upload as "Published".
- I've checked the strings inside the .po file removing fuzzy flags.

Thank you again Jeroen.

Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #12

At the moment I only see a green bar and a bit of red. It may just have taken a bit of time for the statistics to be updated.