How to create daily ppa from github (through a get-orig-source target)

Asked by Javier López


I love launchpad and ppas because they allow people to install software easily in Ubuntu, in the other hand I prefer github to manage code because it's easier to use and make collaboration a piece of cake.

I'd like to create daily ppas from code in github to automatically package after each commit, I know of source package recipes[0] but I think they aren't targeted to my workflow (I may be wrong).

What I do right now (manually) to package code from github is:

Clone the -deb repository (on this example ffcast):

   git clone

Run the get-orig-source target

  cd ffcast-deb && debian/rules get-orig-source #which fetches content from

Create the debian source package and upload to lauchpad

  mv debian ffcast-* && cd ffcast-*
  debuild -S && dput ppa:minos-archive/main ffcast*.changes

Both, debian packaging information and the program itself are hosted in github. What I've read so far is than in order to create daily ppas I need to mirror ffcast and ffcast-deb and use *nested* to move files/directories around.

Is there any other method?, I'd prefer to only clone ffcast-deb and make run somehow debian/rules get-orig-source since it will anyway fetch the latest "approved" revision from ffcast, and then proceed to package.

Thanks in advance

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Best William Grant (wgrant) said :

Launchpad's build farm can only access selected Launchpad services, not the Internet at large (otherwise random people could attack other companies using our hardware and network connections). As a consequence, all code in a source package recipe needs to come from branches hosted on or imported into Launchpad, so you'll need to tell the recipe to nest the debian subdirectory of ffcast-deb into ffcast.

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Javier López (javier-lopez) said :

Thanks William Grant, that solved my question.