Corrupted repository for Exaile, cannot pull or checkout

Asked by Adam Olsen on 2008-02-05

The repository at does not work, attempting to checkout gives 0 revisions. Trying to pull from bzr+ssh://<name> produces the following error:

bzr: ERROR: Could not install revisions:
<email address hidden>

I talked to the fellows in #bzr on freenode, they concluded that the problem is that the revision "<email address hidden>" is reported to be in the repository, but it's not actually there. They said that if <email address hidden> would try to re-push his branch, it would probably fix the problem, however, <email address hidden> has disappeared. I have a clean branch, but it's somewhat out of date. Is there any way to remove the reference to the missing revision?

What are my options here?

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Martin Pool
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Martin Pool (mbp) said : #1

If you have a repository that is otherwise ok, and you just want to
replace the one on Launchpad, the best option is this: through the
Launchpad ui, delete the existing branch and then push a new one to
that name.

I'm now getting '404 not found' from so maybe you
already deleted it?

Martin Pool (mbp) said : #2

... and I should add, if you do not have a branch that can be pushed as your new trunk, please reopen this question.

Adam Olsen (arolsen) said : #3

I'm not quite sure how to delete a branch. Also, my copy of the branch is a few revisions behind, which isn't a big deal, but if my other developer never signs back on, I'll lose those revisions. I'm ok with that, but if there is a way to fix the branch, I'd be a lot happier :)

Martin Pool (mbp) said : #4

I suggest you make a new copy of your branch, then pull from Launchpad into that. If that succeeds, try bzr check on the branch. If it's all ok, push that back up.

This should work if the last few revisions are correctly present in the hosted branch.

Adam Olsen (arolsen) said : #5

I don't have the last few revisions. Pulling into my current copy fails. The developer who pushed that started this whole problem is either gone to school or on vacation. If the current branch can't be fixed, is there a way to rename it to something like "broken" so that I can create a new main?

If not, how do I delete a branch?

Best Martin Pool (mbp) said : #6

Deletion of branches is a bit confusing at the moment because of <>. Aaron is working on this now for the next release.

Basically you need to unlink the branch from the two bugs associated with it, and then a "Delete" command will appear in the Action menu for the branch.

I'll ask if a db admin can just delete it directly though, since this has taken some time already...

Adam Olsen (arolsen) said : #7

I found that I can rename it just by clicking "Change Details". I've renamed it to broken20080106, and pushed the most up-to-date branch I have to main. Thank you very much for your help, Martin, I do appreciate it.