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Asked by Richard Gomes


I'm in the process of migrating more than 500 issues from MantisBT to Launchpad.
For your information: I've produced a XML file which validates fine according to


Mantis allows you to create relationships between issues.
For example, Mantis allows me to tell that issue #535 ...
    1. is duplicate of issue #522
    2. is duplicate of issue #525
    3. is related to issue #227
    4. is child of issue #502
    5. is parent of issue #543

I understand that Launchpad allows me to inform about duplicates. Good.

My questions are:

a. Is it possible to have multiple duplicates? I saw that tag "duplicateof" cannot appear more than once.

b. Are there ways to express other relationships, like "child of", "related to", etc?

c. Are issue numbers relocated automagically by your import routine and kept consistent with issue numbers in the export file? For example, if issue #535 is duplicate of #522 and these numbers are realocated to some other issue numbers, do these realocated issue numbers still maintain the relationship of duplicity?

Thanks a lot,

-- Richard Gomes

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Best William Grant (wgrant) said :

a. The Launchpad bug model allows a bug to be a duplicate of at most one another bug, but a bug can have any number of duplicates. So I can have bugs 535 and 525 both as duplicates of bug 522.

b. There are no other relationships supported natively in the Launchpad bug model.

c. Yes, bug numbers will be mapped correctly during the import.

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Richard Gomes (frgomes) said :

Thanks William Grant, that solved my question.