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Asked by J Phani Mahesh on 2013-01-10

I've changed the translation template for my project, and disabled the old one following a rename.

Most strings are unchanged between the templates and I would ideally like to import all translations that were done prior to the rename in the old template into the new template.

Can this be achieved on launchpad itself or do I have to manually download the po files, check common strings and copy them over, creating po files for the new template, and import the po files back?

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Jeroen T. Vermeulen
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J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #1

Renaming the translation template and domain for the old one is an idea I have up my head, but I would like to confirm if that works as intended.

Best Jeroen T. Vermeulen (jtv) said : #2

If you already have two templates, it's a bit late to fix this with renaming. :( One thing you could do is export all translations from the old template and import them into the new one.

Are you using branches for your translations? If so, that may be the easiest way to fix this. Export the translations to a branch, then import them back but into the new template — e.g. by moving them to their new locations and creating a tarball. (You can also just request a tarball of translations from the UI, but that tarball will have the wrong directory structure. So in that case you'd have to move and rename every translation file.)

J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #3

Can the newly added template with zero translations to date be deleted, so that the old one can be renamed , its domain and file path changed, and then asking lp to import so things get updated?

J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #4

I have solved it with help from dpm, by downloading old translations, and uploading them to the new pot.

J Phani Mahesh (phanimahesh) said : #5

Thanks Jeroen T. Vermeulen, that solved my question.