create release on milestone in proprietary project

Asked by Dylan Millikin on 2013-01-08


I switched my project to proprietary a little while back. I'm now trying to create a release (to mark a milestone as passed).
It is however telling me that proprietary projects cannot have releases. This is quite a problem as we've been using this system to keep track of of the versions on each of our project series.

I think proprietary projects should have releases available even if these are only available to proprietary users attached to the project.

Is there a workaround available? Or a fix comming?

Thanks in advance

Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) said : #1

Hi, I've spoken to the developers, and there is no way around this. Releases were banned in response to concerns that release files for proprietary projects would probably be public in the current implementation. We have no plans to fix this feature.


Thanks for the quick response.
This is very problematic for us, to the point where we will have to look into using another project hosting service and not renew with LP. Both of which we would rather avoid.
I find it odd that there are no plans to fix this. I doubt anyone would be satisfied with paying for a license only to be unable to complete milestones.

You say "current implementation". Is it wishfull thinking on my part to think that this might be fixed down the road?
Is there no way completion of milestones could be handled seperately from release files?

Alternatively, is there no way to use LP to host a project accessible only to specified members/teams and supporting milestone releases at all? (one requierement being that the project only displays to those users)

Sorry for all the questions but this is a problem for us and I would like to be sure that I have no other option than to move to another service before I do so.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #3

Launchpad is not under development at this time. I would like to understand though what you mean by release.

Do you want to indicate that the milestone is not active and it's goals were achieved?

Do you mean you want to distribute files that represent the release? Lp interprets the intent of a release to to distribute code, which Lp cannot secure. A release would be public, even if the users could not find the project, someone can trawl the Lp librarian to find the confidential files.

Hi Curtis,

What I mean is to mark a milestone as achieved Yes. But I would like to keep the milestone displayed on the overview as this allows us to keep track of the status of our series.

The workaround of marking it as not active has the advantage of removing it from various dropdowns to cut down the clutter but removes it from the overview which is to say the least.. painful to us. We would much rather set an expected date and live with the fact the milestones were'nt flagged as achieved properly (black dot).

Thanks a lot for helping!

Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #5

Ah, I think I understand. This is a bug. The deactivated milestone is listed on its series page, both in the table and on the timeline. It is missing the the overview page's timeline. The secondary problem is that there is no distinction between an active and non-active milestone. I reported bug 1097764 and bug 1097770 about this issue.

Ok that's great news!!

I'll keep an eye on those bugs.

I've always been really satisfied with how prompt and efficient you guys have been with questions and bugs since we've been hosting our code here. So thanks for the great work, keep it up!!

Thanks Curtis Hovey, that solved my question.