User Merge, and username change, request

Asked by Thomas Ward on 2012-12-04

The user ~teward (Thomas Ward) with email teward@kahless was autogenerated by the system for maverick backport of znc 0.202. teward@kahless was user@hostname for the system 'kahless' which was owned by me, and replaced later by my system now named 'gallifrey'.

I'd like to request two things:
(1) I'd like to request that the user ~teward be merged with my current user, and
(2) my current user's username be changed to teward

Additionally, as I'm an Ubuntu Member, I have an email address. Will the username change update my email address? If so, when will that change take effect?

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Best Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #1

I renamed ~teward to ~teward-auto, but ~trekcaptainusa-tw cannot become ~teward without you first deleting all you PPAs. PPAs have a fixed URL that comes from your Launchpad-id. When they are deleted, you or I can change your profile's launchpad id to ~teward.

I cannot speak for how the ubuntu emails are allocated. I know they use launchpad ids. but I do not know how they associate them with the ubuntu community.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #2

OK. I cannot deactivate the final PPA ( at this time, as it is proof-of-building for two pending backport requests. After that is completed, I will attempt to change my username myself. If that fails, I will file a subsequent question against LP itself to request the change.

As for Ubuntu emails, I'll ask around to find out the specifics related to that.

Thomas Ward (teward) said : #3

Reopening time for this!

Anyways, I've deactivated the final PPA given that i'm going to have to reupload znc 1.0-2 for build-tests for *that* version of the package I'm wanting backported.

Although I've hit the "Delete" button for that final PPA that is bound to my username specifically, the system won't allow me to change my username to teward as I'd like to have happen. Any way the PPA deletion or the username change can be pushed through?