User stating he can't sign the CoC due to government restriction

Asked by Chris Johnston on 2012-07-24

It has been brought to the attention of the membership boards that there is an issue with users from the country of Myanmar not being able to sign the CoC due to a government restriction. I am unaware of the full details, so this bug will become the communication between the user(s), the membership board, the CC, and LP.

The email that I received from the user is as follows:

"There are more than 200 people who are interesting in ubuntu. But they
can't sign CoC because government restricted some port. So we can't
sign. Yes, Our leader and some people signed ubuntu CoC. I also heard
that they signed it when they arrive in foreign. They can sign with
the foreign internet connection.

So. I and many other can't sign Ubuntu CoC."

The user also comments on thier LP profile:

"Some of Ubuntu Users can't sign the code of conduct b'coz the government restricted Proxy.
When i arrived foreign, i will sign the code of conduct. Pls understand our condition.
Thanks You All"

The user is:

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Robert Collins (lifeless) said : #1

This is a request for support working around whatever limits their government has in place; its not (at this stage) indicative of a code defect.

Charles Profitt (cprofitt) said : #2


It is not a defect in code, but there may be a way to change the way the CoC is signed via launchpad that can alleviate this issue. I referenced the previous discussion in the bug.

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #3

I believe this issue is implicitly addresses by bug 392976 in which Ubuntu expresses the desire to switch to a checkbox for the Ubuntu CoC.

Chris Johnston (cjohnston) said : #4

Curtis, is this yet something that has been +/- by the CC as I assume that the decision is theirs?

Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) said : #5

Can this question please be left at this state till we hear back from the user to see what the issue is with how they are singing the GPG and what they are doing step by step, I've discussed this issue with LP devs already.

With regards to the CoC bug on signing that's a separate issue and not to be confused in this discussion.

Pyae Sone (gipsyhnh) said : #6

Hello Everybody,

I am from myanmar. I can't sign CoC.
Here are my difficulties.

I try to put fingerprint in the launchpad page. But i can't. Because
there is written that did you put your key in keyserver?
So i try to put my key in keyserver. I tried with two method : from
the machine and from the web page. Both are not working. We loved
Ubuntu. We want to get We want to sign CoC. We can't. You
all can check my karma. I like to translate ubuntu into our language.
If i do not like ubuntu , why will i translate ubuntu?

Thanks You All

Pyae Sone (Gipsy)

Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) said : #7

Hi thank you for getting back to us, what we need to know in detail is the *exact* steps you are following to sign the CoC as we want to see what you are doing as there may be a way for us to help you do this so as much detail as possible would help greatly. What you do step by step and what you see happening any messages that are displayed, if you take any screen captures, please link them also thank you.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #8

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