Source won't build

Asked by André Desgualdo Pereira

I cant get the upload source to build.
The command I used is:
$ debuild -S

then I have to edit the file sbk_12.06.26_source.changes to change "Changed-By: André Desgualdo <desgua@desguai7>" for "Changed-By: André Desgualdo Pereira <email address hidden>", then I have to sign with:

$ debsign /home/desgua/quickly/sbk_12.06.26_source.changes

and then

$ dput ppa:desgua/sbk3 /home/desgua/quickly/sbk_12.06.26_source.changes

It uploads but won't build. The log is:

Also can't change the source version even editing the file "" and manually setting the version to "12.07.01". So I get an email saying the changes were rejected "Rejected: File sbk_12.06.26.tar.gz already exists in Sbk, but uploaded version has different contents. "

And also the command "$ quickly submitubuntu --ppa desgua/sbk --verbose" won't work complaining of connectivity and permissions:

Permission denied (publickey).
ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying
Permission denied (publickey).
bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.
ERROR: quickly can't release: can't push to launchpad.
ERROR: submitubuntu command failed

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André Desgualdo Pereira
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André Desgualdo Pereira (desgua) said :

I managed to get " quickly submitubuntu --ppa desgua/sbk --verbose" working by creating an rsa key, but the upload source also won't build:

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André Desgualdo Pereira (desgua) said :

I am glad to announce that I have managed to upload it successfully to launchpad.

The procedure was:

$ python build

$ quickly package --extras

$ debuild -S

    Check the file "name_version_source.changes" and the file "./sbk/debian/changelog" and make sure that the "Changed-By: Andre Desgualdo Pereira <email address hidden>" is the same as the output of "gpg -K"

    Add "libglib2.0-bin" to Build Dependencies at "./sbk/debian/control"

$ debsign ./quickly/sbk_<version>_source.changes

$ dput ppa:desgua/sbk ./quickly/sbk_<version>_source.changes"