Blueprints for project against blueprints for series

Asked by Séverin Lemaignan on 2007-12-11


I'm a bit confused concerning the scope of blueprints. It´s possible to add blueprints at the project level as well as at a projet's specific serie level. Well. It's maybe a bit redundant for most of the not-as-huge-as-Ubuntu projects, but I can deal with that.

But I become really confused in this scenario: I create a blueprint at the project level, I edit this blueprint to set up a targeted milestone (which implies a specific serie if I'm right), and then, if I access the serie's blueprints page (like this one:, I don't see the blueprint I wrote at the project level which was targeted for this serie.

Is it the expected behaviour? if yes, can you explain the logic behind it? ...I'm a bit lost right now :) (or, to better say, I think it could be useful to desactivate by default specific blueprints for series, and activate them manually only for big projects).

Thanks for the answer!

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James Henstridge (jamesh) said : #1

This part of the UI is a little bit confusing. There are two related concepts that you seem to have mixed up: release series and milestones.

You can use the "Propose as goal" menu item to attach a blueprint to a release series. Inside a release series, you may have a number of milestones. You can target a blueprint to a particular milestone with the "Target milestone" menu item.

It looks like you've targeted your blueprints to milestones (as shown at but not to release series. Unless you are dealing with multiple release series, it probably isn't that important to attach the blueprints to series since there is only one possibility.

Séverin Lemaignan (skadge) said : #2

Hum, yes. I better understand. Nonetheless it could be interesting to think about a way, either to better differentiate milestones and so-called goals (=release series, isn't it ?), because milestones, in a broadly accepted meaning, are goals by themselves, or allow "smaller" projects to simplify the project management to an unique serie.

I should fill a blueprint, maybe...

Best James Henstridge (jamesh) said : #3

I agree that this is confusing. We do have a bug report (bug 174468) about the problem, with some ideas for improving things.

There is also bug 175479, which is about merging a bunch of the blueprint edit forms, which would probably have reduced the confusion too.

Séverin Lemaignan (skadge) said : #4

Thanks James Henstridge, that solved my question.