Request to help taking over the Silesian Ubuntu Translation Team as it's no longer active.

Asked by Grzegorz Kulik


Actually the team has never been really active as after three years there are 49 strings translated. I sent an email to Grabizna, the administrator of the team:

"Dzień dobry,

Coś się będzie działo z tym tłumaczeniem na godka? Jeśli nie, to chciałbym przejąć grupę, tylko potrzebuję zostać zaakceptowany jako członek.

Grzegorz Kulik"

Which is in English:


Will there antyhing be happening with the translation to Silesian? If not, I'd like to take over the group, but I need to be accepted as a group's member.

Grzegorz Kulik"

I never got any answer. I also proposed myself to be a member of the team perhaps a month ago but nothing since then. A few other lads also asked to be members but the administrator ignored them or already gave up the translation. It's not too good that the whole community can't do anything because someone's a flash in the pan.
I also have to mention that the strings translated by Grabizna are of a very low quality, starting with orthography (there is no such writing system used in the translation and even if there was, the author is very inconsistent in it). This might be because of three writing systems existing for the language. However a few months ago the Silesian organisations came to a compromise and the only accepted writing system is "ślabikŏrzowy szrajbunek" ("elementary writing") and everything needs to be written in it. I translated a few dozens of the strings and the need to be accepted. I'm highly aquainted with the writing system and I suppose I could manage a good, high quality Ubuntu translation.
Could anyone help me with that? I'd like to finally move forward the Silesian Ubuntu translation so the people might use the system in their own language. Is it possible to change the ownership of the group?
I also have to say that I'm aware of the responsibilities of being an owner of the group. Please, help me to solve the problem.
Oh, and another thing: Silesian isn't spoken only in Poland, as said on the language's page here, but in the Czech Republic too. Is it possible to to add it?

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Milo Casagrande (milo) said :

Hello Grzegorz,

thanks for contacting us!
With regards to your request, I took a look at the situation in Launchpad and at the status of the team owner: translations done by her are quite old too, and she doesn't seem to be very active at all.

I will assign the Launchpad Admin to this request, and ask them to appoint you as the owner of team in order to bring it to life again. After that, please consider asking for a public mailing list as all approved Ubuntu team can get one at, and add a more detailed description of the team.

To Launchpad admin:
Please change the owner of this team:

and appoint Grzegorz:


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Grzegorz Kulik (chlodny) said :

Hi, two weeks have passed and nothing happened. How long does it actually take? I've seen that there was a small movement in the Silesian Ubuntu Translation - the owner made a second profile (same name) and accepted it as a second member. I translated 500 strings and none of them has been reviewed. It's starting to be ridiculous... I'm not being rude or pushing anyone, I'm just losing patience.

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Laura Czajkowski (czajkowski) said :

hi that has been done now for you thanks

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Grzegorz Kulik (chlodny) said :

Great, problem solved. Thanks!