Create a whole translator Team, and later subteams for the elementary project

Asked by Eduard Gotwig on 2012-04-26


please create a whole translator team for the elementary project (see ).

The name should be 'elementary Translators' (please note that its a lower 'e', NOT an 'E').

For such a big software plattform, it's important to have its own launchpad translation team (IMHO).

I already created a German Translator group at :

Later on this group will be asigned to the elementary project. If you can do it, I would be pleased if you could do that, too.

Here is the log about the vote on that from the #elementary-dev IRC channel :

Thank you.

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Milo Casagrande
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Milo Casagrande (milo) said : #1

Hello Eduard,

thanks for contacting us!
With regards to your request, I think you should better discuss this with the elementary developers first. We can help them set up the group if needed and provide assistance with other future requests, but to start I would contact them and see if they are happy having a dedicated translation team for their operating system.

We can assign them this request, or if you prefer we can keep track of this here and wait your input on this.
You can link a bug, if you prefer also, and ask the elementary developers what they think.
Personally, I would create a bug, link it here, and discuss with the developers over at the bug.

Let us know what do you prefer!

Eduard Gotwig (gotwig) said : #2

Ok, we had today a contributor meeting, and all wanted to have a seperate big translator group.

Here is the log:

The name should be elementary Translators , short elemenentary-translators (for use in URL's, e.g).

Eduard Gotwig (gotwig) said : #3

elementary-translators , I'm sorry.

Milo Casagrande (milo) said : #4

Hello Eduard,

in order for you to create a new group, you have to file a Launchpad request, specific for this task, and assign it to the "rosetta admin" team.

You can find instructions here on how to do that:

Almost at the end of the page. If you prefer you can reassign this request to the same group. After you have the new group, you can assign it to the elementary project, so that translators team that will be part of this group will be able to translate elementary.

If you need further assistance on setting up the team after it has been created, writing guidelines or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Eduard Gotwig (gotwig) said : #5

How can I make that correctly. Somehow I can't change the assignee of this question.

Should I start a new question?

I already know the link that you posted.

Best Milo Casagrande (milo) said : #6

So, looks like I cannot change it either... I hoped to do it for you.
I think it is better if you open a new one then.


Eduard Gotwig (gotwig) said : #7

I created here a new one :

I can't change the assignee as well their, too...

Eduard Gotwig (gotwig) said : #8

Thanks Milo Casagrande, that solved my question.