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Asked by Behnam Esfahbod "ZWNJ" on 2006-09-30

For Persian translation of Edgy ( , we have a serious problem. There have been a lot of low-quality translations before the ubuntu-l10n-fa team become the official translation team. We want to mark all current translations as suggestion, to review them, and fix the problems.

If you like to know what the problems are, here are the most commons issues:
- Transliterating of "Ubuntu" name is inconsistent. Some wrote it as "ابونتو" and some other wrote it as "اوبونتو", which the second one is correct. This problems exist of most of new names (i.e. Launchpad).
- Many translators was using MS Windows while translating, so their keyboard layout was not the standard Persian one, and they used Arabic Yeh and Arabic Key, instead of Persian ones.
- Many translations need review for punctuations, etc.

Please do it ASAP, to help use do the review of all current translations in remaining days.

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The requested change is done.

That would be a lot of work for you, really, a lot...

May I suggest to revert to anything that we got from upstream so you start at the point of what upstream has right now?

Of course I meant reverting to upstream, and marking all translations in rosetta as suggestions to review. They really have a lot of problems. Also some people retranslated Gnome applications, which had been translated upstream already, and they do have typos in their translations. Other ubuntu-l10n-fa members (currently all are inactive) can confirm such a low quality too.

Also I'm not alone. ubuntu-l10n-fa have more than 10 active translators. We really prefer to get only reviewed translations on the release, not a lot of useless translations.


Ok, last question, should I do this also for the other distroreleases?

I'm not sure what we would plan for old distros. For now, we don't care about old distros of ubuntu. We want to work on Edgy. I don't want to make a big UI change on update for users of old releases. Please just do it on Edgy for now. I'll inform you about future plans. :)