How to register my distro on Launchpad?

Asked by Michael Moroni on 2012-03-07

Hi, I'd like to create the page of a distro, SHR Linux, on Launchpad. After creating the distro page I'd add the pages for every single software. How could I do that?
I read faq 22 but there was no answer for that.
For example: there is a page for Ubuntu. Then there are pages for every single release (precise, oneiric, ...), and every release have pages for Ubuntu software. I'd like to do the same. By now I created a page for the distro but I can't do anything else.
Could someone help me?

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Max Bowsher
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Mantas Kriaučiūnas (mantas) said : #1

Hi Launchpad developers,

We (Baltix GNU/Linux Ubuntu derivative) developers also need to have Ubuntu packages registered in Baltix distribution -
Currently we can't report or assign bugs to specific packages, for example when trying to assign this bug to Baltix GNU/Linux I get an error:

"Package winetricks not published in Baltix"

Baltix is Ubuntu derivative, so, all Ubuntu packages exists in Baltix :)

You can register a project here:

Michael Moroni (airon90) said : #3 is not the same of because the page of Ubuntu is related to a distro and Midori is related to a software.

I already created the project pages for both software and distro but I'd like that the page of the distro is listed in
So how could I create a distro page?

Best Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #4


Launchpad distribution records are, I think, only createable by administrators. One of the reasons for this is that Launchpad's concept of a distribution is fairly narrowly defined, and may only be truly applicable for Ubuntu and Debian at the moment.

Whilst there are a number of distros listed at, I'm not sure those registrations are actually very useful to anyone at all. In particular, I don't think there is any way to populate a distribution with packages, except for Ubuntu (via uploading packages and them being built) and Debian (via a dedicated custom synchronization program).

So, when you say "After creating the distro page I'd add the pages for every single software. How could I do that?", the answer is "you can't".

This is why faq 22 suggests registering as a project - because unless you're actually going to be using Launchpad to track packages *in a way that it supports*, I don't think there is any benefit in being registered as a distribution, rather than a project.

Michael Moroni (airon90) said : #5

Thanks Max Bowsher, that solved my question.