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Asked by Johan Dahlin on 2012-01-24

Hi, I think I'd like to create a Stoq translation group.

I don't really understand the different launchpad translation strategies. But let me explain the current situation of the translation of Stoq.

Stoq is translated by a group of developers that are trusted, but once in a while we get a couple of users that are not involved in the project that are submitting "corrections" to the translation which are not correct within the policy of the brazilian portuguese language.

I'd like to restrict just the brazilian portuguese submission to a set of trusted translations, the other languages can stay open until they are somewhat complete (which is not the fact at the moment)


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David Planella (dpm) said : #1

Looking at the current permission settings, Stoq is set to 'Structured', but no translation group is assigned to it. I'm not sure what the result of this combination is, but I guess either making the project untranslatable save for project maintainers, or effectively open to anyone. I suspect it is the first.

So what I would suggest is the following:

- Keep the Translations permission policy to 'Structured'
- Assign the Translation group to 'Launchpad Translators'
- Most importantly, announce that your project is up for translations. You can do it on a blog post, social networks, mailing list, etc, but do not forget to announce it in the launchpad-translators mailing list [1] at least.

You can always request the creation of a special translation group for Stoq (*), but I'd recommend trying the Launchpad Translators group first, if you're not happy with it, we'll create a new group for you. The reasons why we do not directly encourage new groups is so that projects can start off with a trusted and active set of translators and to not create fragmentation in the translations community in Launchpad.

I hope this helps!



(*) Note that the setup you're describing with only one trusted team (Brazilian Portuguese) it's only possible with a special translation group for Stoq, as the Launchpad Translations group has already got trusted teams for other languages that cannot be disabled. In any case, I'd strongly discourage open translations, as they inevitably end up in low quality translations, but it's your call as project maintainer.

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