new suggestions are not displayed in any column

Asked by zoff99

here i have 3 new suggestions:

but here

in slovak row it does not show anything!!
Untranslated -
Need review -

together with the untranslated column not updating, launchpad is now totally unusable and DEAD!!!!!

please dont break new things that already worked! revert to an old version, or fix your updates (please quickly)

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Gary Poster (gary) said :

Hello. We apologize for the regression. As you can see from the linked bugs, a fix for this is underway.



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zoff99 (zoff) said :

well what i am asking here is rather:
why did you guys commit things that makes launchpad unusable for weeks?
why did you not revert right away, and test this some more, over on a test system?

i think this is/was really hurting launchpad

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Gary Poster (gary) said :

We appreciate your concern, zoff. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.



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