Need documentation on bug resolution workflow

Asked by Brad Clements on 2007-11-16

I'm a long time Trac user, now hosting a project on launchpad.

I need documentation on the typical workflow for a bug. From submission as new, through acceptance, to fix and release.

It would be useful to know what all the Status levels mean (Triaged?), how a bug progresses through the different states in relation to a fix being put into a branch, then the branch being merged with the trunk.

How does "fix released" interact with workflow?

Can I, for example, get a list of all bugs fixed when I make a release? Do I have to assign bugs to a milestone to do this?

How do I make a release (is that just branching my trunk)?

The "intro to launchpad" describes some of this stuff (like branching the trunk to make a release), but it's lacking details for us newbies.


ps. why do I see a zillion milestones that are completely unrelated to my project?

Are milestones == blueprints?

Its confusing!

Best Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) said : #1

Hi Brad, it seems you've encountered a few shortcomings in Launchpad. Sorry about that. To review:

Bug statuses are explained in <>, but should be explained better in Launchpad itself (bug 29495).

From that article you can see that "Fix Released" *usually* means there is a released version containing the bug fix, but not always (bug 163694).

If your project is fairly simple, "Fix Committed" may help you list the bugs fixed in a release, but not if you have multiple series or overlapping releases (bug 163696).

The zillion-milestones problem is bug 50970.

Milestones are not the same as blueprints. <>

Brad Clements (bkc) said : #2

This link was helpful for the first part of the question.

I see your other bugs regarding how to list all bugs fixed in a release. It would be nice to get that working somehow. I'm not sure using a date-range would be accurate for large projects, but it's better than nothing.