How to register "bazaar branch" to "series"?

Asked by Eungkyu Song on 2006-09-15

I'm author of rummikub product.

I hosted trunk branch to launchpad.
And I'd like to register this branch to trunk series.
Is this situation wrong?

'Edit source' of trunk series just have CVS, subversion, ftp, ... no bazaar.

Thank you.

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David Allouche (ddaa) said : #1

That is a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do. In fact it is bug 31308, and the fix is present in the current development code. It will be usable on the next production rollout (currently scheduled for September 26th).

You can try the new UI (in the "Change Series Details" form) on It is a test service that runs the latest development code, its database is replaced by a fresh copy of the production database every day.

Eungkyu Song (eungkyu) said : #2

Does it means I can do that on few days later or I have to wait until September 26th?

David Allouche (ddaa) said : #3

You can try the feature on staging /now/. But the changes made on staging are discarded daily. To /actually/ set the branch of a series on, you need to wait for the next production rollout (currently planned on September 26th).

Since the lack of this feature does not prevent users from getting work done, I do not think it is eligible for emergency deployment.

David Allouche (ddaa) said : #4

Note that there are currently discussions of easing this sort of situation with a second production system running the latest code. We are aware such delays are inconvenient.

Eungkyu Song (eungkyu) said : #5

Thank you for comments.