Troll team?

Asked by Bilal Akhtar

This story is a little complicated to understand, so I'm explaining it in a step-by-step process:

1) Team ~papercutters has ~canonical-ux and ~vish as its admins, and since the team is moderated, someone of them must approve new members.

2) ~taowa4 was approved by someone of them recently. He didn't have any triaged papercuts under his belt, so its mysterious how he got in when many other experienced triagers are still in line.

3) Now that ~taowa4 is in ~papercutters, he automatically becomes admin, owner and member of ~papercuts-ninja, an *open* team of people interested in the project. The ~papercuts-ninja team also has an open mailing list.

4) ~taowa4 sets up a team ~badge-collectors and adds it to ~papercuts-ninja. Since I manage ~papercuts-ninja closely (I'm the leader of the One Hundred Papercuts Project), I would not like teams unrelated to the papercuts project to join my team.

5) For some unknown reason, ~taowa4 changes the policy of my ~papercuts-ninja team from open to *delegated*. I would never approve of any such change, and this change made me jump into the problem and understand what was going on.

6) I checked the ~badge-collectors team he had added, and from what it appears, its a team that is meant to abuse Launchpad policies by providing people with a one-click way to gain a ton of Launchpad badges. Luckily at that time the team was just a member of ~papercuts-ninja, so I politely mailed the owner ~taowa4 to remove the team from ~papercuts-ninja himself, since that was all that mattered to me.

7) I waited 3 days for a reply, and when I didn't get one, I decided to remove the team from ~papercuts-ninja and change team policy back to open, which I did today morning.

8) ~taowa4 not only re-added the team, he also sent me a swear reply on my e-mail address.

9) I removed both him and his ~badge-collectors from ~papercuts-ninja yet again, and as of the time of writing this post he hasn't re-added himself or his team yet. But since he's already in ~papercutters, he's an indirect member, admin and owner already, so it will take him only a few clicks to revert what I did.

I scouted around for ~vish or anyone from the UX team but since its a sunday I didn't find anyone. I'll search again tomorrow, but would there be a way for LOSAs to remove ~taowa4 from ~papercutters since that will fix all problems? (Of course this won't happen today, Monday is when things are likely to move on).

Either way, if LOSAs decide to remove or not remove ~taowa4 from ~papercutters, I can get an existing ~papercutters admin to remove him, so that's not the focal point of this question.

But, I'd like some feedback from Launchpad team members on the purpose of ~badge-collectors, and whether such a team should be allowed on Launchpad or not, and take appropriate action if that team violates the policy.

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Ahmed Shams (ashams) said :

I'm a 100PaperCuts team member and I support Bilal in his request to Deactivate Taowa's membership from 100 Papercuts and I'll be happy if he got Admin rights on 100 PaperCuts team, to help vish and to handle urgent team's needs when vish is not on IRC(but after asking vish for opinion in this, ofcourse).

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Gavin Panella (allenap) said :

~badge-collectors is silly but I don't think it's abusive. However,
~taowa4's behaviour was. I'm investigating.

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Gavin Panella (allenap) said :

It seems that ~taowa4's membership request was accidentally approved,
and has now been deactivated. I will email ~taowa4.

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