recipe build error "Could not be uploaded correctly"

Asked by Mantas Kriaučiūnas on 2011-11-17

I've created recipe to build newest xine-lib from Debian, but when I request a build I get an error:
 "Could not be uploaded correctly"


Mantas Kriaučiūnas (mantas) said : #1

I get this error message into my mailbox:

----- Forwarded message from Ubuntu Installer <email address hidden> -----

From: Ubuntu Installer <email address hidden>
subject: [PPA mantas] xine-lib_1.1.20-1~natty1_source.changes rejected
X-Generated-By: Launchpad (; Revision="14291";

Unable to find xine-lib_1.1.20.orig.tar.gz in upload or distribution.
Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.


If you don't understand why your files were rejected please send an email
to <email address hidden> for help (requires membership).

You are receiving this email because you are the uploader of the above
PPA package.

----- End forwarded message -----

Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) said : #2

From the logs:

dpkg-genchanges: not including original source code in upload

You can work around this by:

* trimming the cangelog (so yours is the first entry to mention 1.1.20) and hardcoding the upstream version
* changing your package to use "3.0 (native)" rather than "3.0 (quilt)"

Arguably launchpad should also always just upload the source tarball, I'll file a bug about that.

NIlya (nilya) said : #3

To include original source code in upload use -sa flag:
debuild -S -sa

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