Looking for information about what you'd like done with launchpad pages for other Linux distros

Asked by Toshio Kuratomi on 2011-11-16


A bug was opened in Fedora Linux asking that we contact the Launchapd Registry Admins and do something useful with the Fedora page ( https://launchpad.net/fedora ). I'm collecting information for the Fedora Board to decide if there is something we can or should do and if so, what that is. We're completely in the dark about what the purpose of the page is in launchpad and what you'd like done with it. If you could give us an overview we can see if it's something we're interested in participating in and whether we have anyone involved in the Fedora Project that is interested in performing those duties.

Thanks! Toshio Kuratomi

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Benji York (benji) said : #2

Heh, you can disregard my earlier (now hidden) non sequitur caused by a bad copy/paste.

 Unfortunately, we cannot delete it or deactivate it without a code change.

Toshio Kuratomi (toshio) said : #3

No problem :-)

/me sees if "I still need an answer" will set the status back

Benji York (benji) said : #4

I'm going to close this question since there's really nothing for Launchpad to do here. Please feel free to open a new question if the need arises.

Toshio Kuratomi (toshio) said : #5

The question is really is there something for us, the Fedora Project, to do here? As I say, we got a bug report asking that we request that we take ownership of this project from the Launchpad Registry Admins. We don't know if the person was asking in an official capacity or is not related to launchpad at all. We don't know what the purpose of this page is. We don't know why it's using the Fedora name and logo but doesn't have any information about where to download Fedora, doesn't have up-to-date information describing Fedora, etc.

 * Why is there an entry for Fedora in launchpad?
 * What is it supposed to be for?
 * Who is supposed to take care of it?
 * Do expect the Fedora Project to do something with it or do you want us to ignore its existence? :-)

Toshio Kuratomi (toshio) said : #6

The original bug report we received -- we have no idea if it's a confused user of Fedora, a confused user of Ubuntu, or someone who actually has a valid point: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=748151

Any light you can shed on the issue would be great for us.

Gary Poster (gary) said : #7

Hello Toshio.

On the basis of the name, that request did not come from anyone on the Launchpad project or at Canonical.

So far, it seems that the reason for this project's existence in Launchpad is lost in the sands of time. I suspect that the right thing to do is to delete this project. That said, I'll pass this question to Launchpad's communications specialist.



Toshio Kuratomi (toshio) said : #8

Thanks! If the right answer is to delete it, it'll make my job easier. (Less round trips for me to make updating the Fedora Board on progress :-)

As a point of interest, Launchpad hosts quite a few distribution pages like that so that it can track bugs against them. In this case however, it's not set up to use Launchpad as a bug tracker so I suspect that it may indeed be removed without much hassle.

Toshio Kuratomi (toshio) said : #10

Yeah, within Fedora we use https://bugzilla.redhat.com for our bug tracker.

Launchpad tracks how bugs affect multiple projects, including those that track their bugs in other bug trackers. Having a placeholder for other distros in Launchpad means that we can track when a bug in Ubuntu is also present in one of those other distros.

I don't think we imply that Fedora uses Launchpad but I'm sure we can change our wording if it is a concern.

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