Requesting advice/tidying for fluidity-core team PPA

Asked by Tim Bond on 2011-11-07


The project I work for, fluidity (lp:fluidity), is presently moving to a binary distribution and hoping to build for lucid and above. We've recently added support for package building to our repository, and are in the process of attempting builds on our PPA (ppa:fluidity-core/ppa). Our build tarball is large, however, and having pushed for lucid, maverick, and natty we're now out of space within our 2GB PPA limit.

The situation has been made worse in that we have pushed a series of trial fluidity package builds whilst refining our package build which I suspect have been instrumental in using up our PPA quota. We've also being uploading an entire package per version, rather than an orig.tar.gz to span releases, and have been pushing a tarball comprising a clean branch of our bzr repository which could be fairly heavily pruned as far as the build process is concerned.

Would it be possible for an admin to remove the currently uploaded 'fluidity' packages (though please leave the fluidity-dev packages!) to free up space, so we can have another go at this please? As of now we should only be uploading on the order of one or two new versions annually, so a much lighter space-burden, and if we move to using an orig.tar.gz and a pruned build tree I think this should make the load very much lighter. Hopefully this will mean we will not get anywhere near the 2GB limit for the next year!

Any other advice for things we could do to make our release and packaging process more efficient would be gratefully received.

Sorry for causing problems, and many thanks in advance for help with this!


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You can delete packages yourselves, just click on the "Delete Packages" link at

You can also save some space by using xz compression in the Ubuntu releases that support it.

Tim Bond (timothy-bond) said : #2

Many thanks Julian! Once the deletions happen and quota is freed up I think that solves my problem.