svn import failure for fala/trunk

Asked by Jonh Wendell on 2006-09-12

I've just registered a product (, and launchpad says that svn sync failed. SVN is OK at Sourceforge.

SVN at Sourceforge:

So, what's the problem?

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David Allouche (ddaa) said : #1

The svn branch for fala/trunk is This is actually the root of the repository.

Our import system cannot import whole svn repositories into a bzr branch. It is probably fixable, but I do not think it should be fixed, because importing a whole svn repository is generally not what is intended and can be extremely resource intensive.

I understand that in the case of fala, that is is what is intended, since the actual data to checkout is located at the repository root.

However, organising a SVN repository in this way prevents creating other branches and tags and is not consistent with SVN best practices.
Maybe you can ask the owner of this SVN repository to change it to match SVN best practices by moving the contents to "branches/trunk".

Then, I will update the Launchpad data and try the import again.

Jonh Wendell (wendell) said : #2

Ok, i've just made the adjusts in SVN repository.

Now it is under:

Can you update launchpad data and try to reimport?

Thank you,

Jonh Wendell (wendell) said : #4

Great, thanks.

Now, all i have to do is wait for acceptance of fala at ?

David Allouche (ddaa) said : #5

I really do not know about the MOTU process. But it's certainly not a Launchpad issue, so I think you should ask for help at a more appropriate place, maybe the #ubuntu-motu channel on