lp:spamassassin import is taking 8 hours so far, usually ~5 minutes

Asked by Darxus on 2011-10-27

Has taken 8 hours so far, the last 10 imports were never more than 5 minutes.

The import is running on galapagos, which also seems to be having difficulty importing https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/songbird/trunk

My first indication that something was weird was emails that builds failed to upload, which is weird, because the package version includes the SVN revision number, so it shouldn't be possible for there to be a conflict.

01:01PM < jelmer> Darxus, bigjools: it looks like somebody killed the cache on galapagos
01:10PM < jelmer> Darxus: I'm pretty sure I can fetch something like spamassassin in less than 30 minutes, from scratch
01:12PM < jelmer> Darxus: not sure if that helps much, but it seems to be an issue specifically with galapagos to me

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2011-10-28 bigjools: Assigned to LOSAs as they are copying the svn cache from pear

This is not a code problem; The galapagos machine was rebuilt recently and has no caches. Converting to a question so that we can track fixing the caches.

The admins are propagating the cache from one of the other import machines.

It should be quicker now, the cache is updated.

Darxus (darxus) said : #4

"Import started 2 hours ago on russkaya and finished 2 hours ago taking 8 minutes" - last import, looks good, thanks.