Why do answer contacts have the power to unsubscribe others?

Asked by Eliah Kagan on 2011-10-20

I've noticed that for the Ubuntu packages where I've made myself an answer contact, I have the power to unsubscribe other users from questions, even if I did not myself subscribe them to the question. Is this just so that answer contacts can unsubscribe users who ask not to receive notification emails?

It seems to me that the benefit of allowing this would probably not outweigh the detrimental effects of having users accidentally unsubscribe each other. Rejecting a question is a more complex action than unsubscribing a user, but even if an answer contact did accidentally (or otherwise wrongly) reject a question, its subscribers would receive notifications and could then act to get the mistake corrected. If an answer contact accidentally (or otherwise wrongly) unsubscribes a subscriber, it seems that this systematic mechanism for getting it corrected does not exist.

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Best Gavin Panella (allenap) said : #1

This is odd. I don't know why the behaviour is as it is, and it seems
like it might be wrong to me. I suggest converting this question into
a bug.

Thanks--I've filed bug 880960 for this.

Thanks Gavin Panella, that solved my question.

Creators of questions also have the power to unsubscribe others, which seems to me to be somewhat similarly problematic. But that is really a separate topic, I think. I've posted a separate question about that (https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/176022).