'bzr: out of memory' when building webkit source recipe

Asked by hjanetzek on 2011-10-06

When building projects with source recipes that have a large history like emacs or webkit the package description build fails with 'bzr: out of memory'. would it be possible to increase memory available to bzr? (on my home machine bzr dailydeb for webkit uses around 300MB res) I dont know bzr so well but maybe having an option to do a 'bzr checkout --lightweight' might help also.


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Benji York (benji) said : #1

Assigning to the LOSAs for attention.

Benji York (benji) said : #2

Changing back to "Open" since I clicked the wrong button.

Haw Loeung (hloeung) said : #3

Hi Hannes,

We have an RT open for this (RT48295) and am looking into it.

In the meantime, could you please try resubmit it as you may end up getting one of the builders that isn't so resource constrained.

Please let us know if it succeeds or fails.



Marcin Juszkiewicz (hrw) said : #4

My builds got hit by this issue too - I am fetching lp:gcc-linaro (~400MB). Suggestion to resubmit is not good as there is a limit of 5 build attempts per day and I got to this limit straight away.

For Launchpad team to be able to provide more resources for PPA builders, they'd first need to know what resources are needed. Since they don't have infinite amount of RAM for builders, it would be worthwhile to provide required RAM for the builds. Perhaps testing these things out locally would be a good measure, though I am not sure how'd that compare to the memory usage on builders.

Of course, requesting a large amount of RAM does not warrant that builders will get it, but would be a start to understand the requirements.

Also, parts of the memory problems might be solved by https://rt.admin.canonical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=46345 (installing newer bzr on the builders, which should require less memory). That's nearing completion (in my reading), so we should probably wait for that first.

Michael Hope (michaelh1) said : #7

To add some stale thumb suck data, my original 1 GB RAM Ubuntu server setup swaps heavily when branching lp:gcc-linaro.

Adding another GB of RAM cleaned it up. I can't branch gcc-linaro on people.linaro.org due to the limited RAM.

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