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Asked by Richard Fleming on 2011-09-23


Could you please make the project private please, accessible only by members of the team

If this is not possible, please make bugs and code private.


Richard Fleming

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Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #1

Hi Richard,

You need a commercial subscription to make code private:

Richard Fleming (rfleming) said : #2

I already have commercial subscription. My project is not private.

Best Brad Crittenden (bac) said : #3

Hi Richard,

Thank you for using Launchpad for your project. I can help you get it set up as you need.

Unfortunately, we do not offer completely private projects but I can make your bugs private upon creation and your code private.

The way private bugs work is that anyone subscribed to a private bug can see it. Since your bugs will be created as private the only people initially subscribed and able to see them are the people in the "Bug Supervisor" role. Right now you have an individual filling that role so he will be the only one able to see bugs, unless he subscribes others. So, you probably want to change the Bug Supervisor to be the proper team. I will go ahead and turn on private bugs but please understand that is how they work.

I have made your code private and visible only to the members of ~applanix-nav. You do have one pre-existing branch (which appears to be empty). The visibility of existing branches is not changed so that one is still public. You should delete it. Please create a test branch with nothing of importance in it just to ensure it works the way you expect.


Richard Fleming (rfleming) said : #4


I have deleted the trunk and created a new one. It shows that it is private. I've also changed the bug supervisor to ~applanix-nav.

That should secure code and bugs. Is there anything else I missed?


Brad Crittenden (bac) said : #5


You should be good. Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Richard Fleming (rfleming) said : #6

Thanks Brad Crittenden, that solved my question.