Request to appoint team EN-GB to launchpad translators group.

Asked by Anthony Harrington

I'd like to request that my team for British English translations be appointed to the Launchpad Translators group, please.

I think i've covered all the necessary points outlined here:

Moderated team; mailing list will be available in a few minutes; welcome note with all the necessary info, including guidelines.

Think it's good to go! ^_^ (I realise that the convention is "l10n" but i had to opt for "lion" as already exists, but it's a dormant team and not connected to the Launchpad translators group?)

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Anthony Harrington (linuxchemist) said :

Hoping to get our team listed on as the British English Translation team.

I hope i'm going the right way about that? Or does this list update later, automatically, as with karma points?

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Milo Casagrande (milo) said :

Hi Anthony,

and thank you for creating this team and helping translate free software!
Overall the team and all the information look OK to me, the only thing that concerns me is the name...
Did you try to concact the othet team leader and see if you can help that one? If not, we can try to contact her and then ask the Lauchpad admin to change the owner of the other team if she doesn't respond (I would prefer that way, so we have the right team name).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Anthony Harrington (linuxchemist) said :

Hi Milo,

i have since applied to join their team and have contacted its leader, Helen. Awaiting reply. (I don't really think i'll get a reply though, since 2 members have opted to join their team this year, one as early as January, and neither have been approved yet.)

It may be that the moderator of that team simply no longer has the necessary time to oversee. It's a shame, but i do have a little free-time and i'm willing to put it in here.

I'll wait a few days (perhaps til monday afternoon/evening) and report back here about my response from helen (if any). I'd recommend that you try to contact her too though, just so that she's more clear on what's going on.
I did ask her if she'd prefer to join my team instead of moderating her own, so she could still do her part but be it a little less time intensive.

I'll keep you informed.

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Milo Casagrande (milo) said :

Hi Anthony,

thanks for the update!

I contacted Helen too tonight. We will wait until Monday and if niether of us receive a response, we will proceed and try to hand the moderation of the team to you.

That process is something I cannot do, we will have to ask the Launchpad admin.

Hear you again on Monday.
Have a nice week-end.


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Anthony Harrington (linuxchemist) said :

Good news and bad news.
Good news: Helen replied and gave me control over the team.

Bad news: I'm a complete idiot sometimes.
Helen replied and kindly gave me control over, and i was in the process of sprucing things up when i thought i was cancelling my stuff which was at, only to realise i've deactivated my own membership to the proper group. Utterly stupid of me :(

As helen has given up the team, could you please move the new team i'm setting up at lp-lian-en-gb to the proper address' position (lp-l10n-en-gb) I'll contact Robert and Alfredo to sign up again (I'll ask again if Helen's interested in staying on as a member)

So to sum up: i've deleted lp-lion-en-gb properly now i think, but i've locked myself out of lp-l10n-en-gb :( and have had to make lp-lian-en-gb until the current lp-l10n-en-gb is deleted and my new team can take its place.

What a nightmare.

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Anthony Harrington (linuxchemist) said :

Nevermind lol All setup now :D

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Best Milo Casagrande (milo) said :

Hi Anthony!

Great to hear everything has been cleared out!
I'm appointing the team to handle English en-gb translations. Also, please consider to add the linke to the translation guidelines to your team, so that every team member will have a direct link to them while translating (you can do this from the team page).

Also, maybe consider writing a mailing list to the Launchpad translators mailing list (if you are subscribed, otherwise I sugget you to subscribe to it!).


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Anthony Harrington (linuxchemist) said :

^_^ Thanks for everything!