How can I make my name clickable on recent revisions list?

Asked by Andy Finch on 2011-09-09

When I push a commit to Launchpad, my name is not 'clickable' when you look at the recent revisions list here:

If I run bzr whoami, my login details are set.
If I run bzr launchpad-login, it returns fincha (my launchpad id).

Is there something else I am missing? I have tried pushing using the command line and Bazaar Explorer.

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Andy Finch
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Gary Poster (gary) said : #1

Hello. What you describe (whoami and launchpad-login) sound correct, so this we do not have an immediate suggestion.

The commits are where the metadata is attached, not the push. Perhaps you are committing using a different bzr? I'm afraid all I have are unlikely guesses like that.

Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #2

The email address on your revisions isn't the same as the email address you registered with Launchpad (gmail vs googlemail). You should add "<email address hidden>" to your Launchpad account. It may take up to a day for old revisions to be updated to show your name, but new revisions should show it immediately.

Andy Finch (fincha) said : #3

Thanks for your help Aaron, that worked.