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Asked by Francesc Alted on 2011-08-30

Please close the PyTables project. Thanks!

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Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #1

Sorry, we can't close projects that are used to produce source packages.

Francesc Alted (faltet) said : #2

2011/9/2 Aaron Bentley <email address hidden>

> Your question #169627 on Launchpad itself changed:
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> Aaron Bentley proposed the following answer:
> Sorry, we can't close projects that are used to produce source packages.

Oh, I see. But the problem is that the project in launchpad was not
maintained for 4 ears now (since 2007), and although now I see that you have
started updating it, you are doing so from the old repository ( instead of the new one (, so confusing users a lot.

Again, please, since the developers are not interested in maintaining the
PyTables project in launchpad, it would better for *everyone* to just close
the project there and avoid more headaches.


Francesc Alted

Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #3

Your assertion that it would be better for *everyone* is incorrect. Projects can exist in Launchpad for a variety of reasons. Being developed directly in Launchpad is only one of those reasons. Another is as metadata linking Ubuntu packages to information on the upstream project, and utilizing Launchpad's bug watch features to relate existing Launchpad bugs with bugs in PyTables Trac. The latter reason is still valid and appropriate here.

Francesc Alted (faltet) said : #4

OK, I strongly disagree with your policy, as the PyTables project in launchpad is stagnated for almost 5 years now, and you still are reluctant to close it. I'm not going to insist anymore, but IMO, by keeping a not up-to-date project in launchpad, you are doing a weak favor to the community.


Francesc Alted

Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #5

I'm sorry you feel that way. I've tried to explain that there are valid reasons for a project to exist within Launchpad even if it is not directly developed there, but you appear to have dismissed that without explanation.

Brad Crittenden (bac) said : #6

Max is there any reason to not update the VCS import to use the new github repository supplied by Francesc?

Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #7

No reason. I did look into doing that, but I was unable to convince myself sufficiently that the git repository had taken over all future development, with the brief look I took.

Hi, Francesc Alted is the original author of pytables and I am one of the members of the new development team:

2011-06-01: [Pytables-announce] Francesc Alted ceasing activities with PyTables

2011-06-05: [Pytables-users] [ANN] New development site

2011-09-11: [Pytables-announce] ANN: PyTables 2.3rc1 released

Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #9

Thank-you for the clarifications.

I've moved aside the old lp:pytables to lp:~vcs-imports/pytables/old-trunk and recreated it with this information.

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