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My question is very similar to question #135487, but that one was answered and solved already.

Launchpad Translations automatically imports the PO files for my project (getgnulinux) from the bzr repository. Some translations are marked "fuzzy" in the PO file, but appear as untranslated in Launchpad. Instead I would like to see fuzzy entries appear as "Needs review".

The answer to the other question explained that support for fuzzy entries was removed from Launchpad, but I just don't see how LP can serve as a reasonable translation platform without support for fuzzy entries. Each time I change some English text, how small the change may be, the translation is marked fuzzy and as a result the translation appears untranslated on LP. There's just no way for the original translator to revise her translation. She can start all over again.

What is the current status of Launchpad's support for fuzzy translations? If fuzzy entries are indeed not supported, how should I deal with these?

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Best Henning Eggers (henninge) said :

I am sorry to tell you that there is no support for fuzzy translations. See the mailing list posts mentioned by David in bug 493084 for a discussion.

There are also no plans currently to implement such support. I personally realize, though, that especially documentation projects like yours would very much need such a feature. What is missing, though, is a good story of how this would work, how would the data flow be exactly, how would it be stored in the database and relate to our current model, how does it affect message sharing and external suggestions, etc. Launchpad translations has become a pretty complex application and it would take a very solid plan to add such a feature. In the end, though, I fear that we won't be able to spare the man power to implement it.

But then, Launchpad is open source. Anybody can hack on it.


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Serrano Pereira (serrano-pereira) said :

Thanks Henning Eggers, that solved my question.