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Asked by Alexander A. Maly on 2011-07-28

How may I create a project under my account, but not under +junk?
Its URL may look like lp:~a-a-maly/primes
I want it to be freeware (GPL) and visible to anybody,
but projects under +junk are visible only for me,
that is bzr requires login to checkout.
Is it really necessary to register it in the Bazaar repository?
In "Using Bazaar in Launchpad" it is said that I may publish it in a personal branch,
like bzr push lp:~userid/project-name/branch-name,
but bzr says
    ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:~a-a-maly/primes/": No such project: primes

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Benji York (benji) said : #1

It sounds like you want to register a new project. Do so with this form and then you'll be able to push publicly visible code to it.

Alexander A. Maly (a-a-maly) said : #2

Yes, I would try to. But that way I'll occupy the global project name "primes", so that nobody else will be able to create a project with the same name.
Is it possible to register a project in my own "namespace", that is not a "lp:primes", but "lp:~a-a-maly/primes", viewable for everybody?
I am just not sure that my prime numbers generator is implemented in the best possible way, even for numbers less than 2^64, so why to prohibit everybody else from making a different version with that name?

Gary Poster (gary) said : #3

You concern is very considerate, but we do not support what you request. A simple way to get the effect of what you want might be to call your project "aamalyprimes" or something else that effectively gives a personalized namespace to the project.


Alexander A. Maly (a-a-maly) said : #4

Ok, I understood. But that means there is a bug in documentation: in document "Using Bazaar with Launchpad" in section "Personal Branches" it is said

"Even if you are not a member of a team, Launchpad can be used to publish your changes. In this case, simply create a personal branch like this:
bzr push lp:~userid/project-name/branch-name

Others can then download your code like this:
bzr branch lp:~userid/project-name/branch-name"

Or maybe that personal branches (not in +junk) are allowed only for commercial projects?