Software Center's upstream project and Ubuntu source package need to share translations

Asked by David Planella on 2011-07-18

Last week I noticed that in Software Center, the upstream and downstream templates were not sharing translations.


The issue seemed to be that the templates did not have the same name, which was sorted out at that point. Another issue was that even after that, messages did not seem to be marked as shared. The advice there was to export translations from the upstream project and upload them to the downstream source package.

They just got imported today, and I'm still seeing translations not being marked as shared. In this particular message, I did a translation in Ubuntu this morning:

And I would have expected it to be propagated to upstream, which didn't seem to happen:

Notice the Ubuntu translation appearing as a global suggestion instead of just getting applied.

Could someone shed some light on why messages are not being shared and help marking them as such?


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Assigned to Danilo per his instructions.

Staging is supposed to be last updated on July 23rd, so after you filed your question. I've tested there, and it seems that these are not sharing internally. For instance, for message 1 in the two templates:

lpmain_staging=> select tti.potemplate,, potemplate.productseries, potemplate.sourcepackagename, tti.sequence, tti.potmsgset from potmsgset join pomsgid on join translationtemplateitem tti on join potemplate on where pomsgid.msgid='Failed to delete review';
 potemplate | name | productseries | sourcepackagename | sequence | potmsgset
      45141 | software-center | | 69751 | 1 | 10296893
      30838 | software-center | 24590 | | 1 | 10296958
(2 rows)

This means that there are two distinct potmsgsets for the "Failed to delete review" message internally (and similarly for other messages I tried). This translates to "migration was never done". Until migration is done, there is nothing we can do. I'll see how can we easily schedule a migration for software-center.

A query to get all the shared messages in a template (by template name):

Btw, there should be an easy way to trigger the migration: remove the packaging link, then re-add it. Not sure if that will have any other bad side effects.

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