search results page includes a 400 Bad Request search error in results

Asked by Eliah Kagan on 2011-06-10

I believe this may relate to (where search results pages were included in search results--the problem was fixed by the time I asked about it, they just hadn't expired from the Google index).

This time, I searched for "app_chooser_online_get_default_ready_cb" ( and one of the hits was:

Search - 400 Bad Request
795332, nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in app_chooser_online_get_default_ready_cb (), nautilus (Ubuntu), Undecided, New, 0 out of 4 heat flames ...

Clicking on the link ( brings me to a completely valid search results page (showing all the bugs in all projects on Launchpad, sorted by date, newest first). But this should probably not be included in search results, even if the current page (rather than the 400 error page) is shown.

All three search results for "app_chooser_online_get_default_ready_cb" pertain to bug 795332, which I reported about half an hour ago; therefore, this is probably not due to the already-fixed problem that caused the issue in

Should I report a bug about this?

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Benji York (benji) said : #1

Yes, please file a bug.

The problem is no longer occurring (at least not with that search term). Should I still file the bug? Or should I just file it immediately if and when this sort of thing happens again?

Best Aaron Bentley (abentley) said : #3

It seems too late to file this bug, since we can't reproduce it. Yes, in the future, please file bugs for situations like this.

Thanks Aaron Bentley, that solved my question.