Please merge debian-med and debian-med-packaging.

Asked by Charles Plessy on 2011-06-08


~debian-med was created recently by the Debian Med team in order to have a common PPA, and when I tried to use <email address hidden> as a contact address, I realised that it will not be possible because it is the address of the auto-generated ~debian-med-packaging team (from the Maintainer field of our packages, I suppose). Can you merge both Launchpad teams ? On the Debian side, it is only one.

Thanks a lot !

Charles Plessy
Debian Med packaging team
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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Charles Plessy
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Gary Poster (gary) said : #1

Hello. This is done.

Charles Plessy (plessy) said : #2

Thanks a lot. It looks that it has been automagically undone one hour later: according to :

  “Debian Med Packaging Team does not use Launchpad. This page was created 4 hours ago when the cufflinks_1.0.3-1ppa1~lucid1 package was uploaded to lucid/RELEASE.”

As a result, I could not set <email address hidden> as a contact address for the ~debian-med team (which is our primary motivation for this merge).



Gary Poster (gary) said : #3

That's unfortunate. We apparently can't run the merge again until you claim the team. Could you do so?

Charles Plessy (plessy) said : #4

Done !

Benji York (benji) said : #5

Since this is done I'm moving this to "solved" status.

Charles Plessy (plessy) said : #6

Hi Benji,

there must be a misunderstanding: what I did is to claim ~debian-med-packaging. But it is still there, and therefore we can not use <email address hidden> as a contact address for ~debian-med.



Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #7

I merged ~debian-med-packaging into ~debian-med (again)

Charles Plessy (plessy) said : #8

There seems to be an unfortunate race condition, as ~debian-med-packaging was created again three hour ago.

Can you use admin privileges to set the contact address of ~debian-med to <email address hidden> after the merge ? That would solve the problem in one way or the other, as using this address for ~debian-med is the main motivation for this merge.

Thanks for your patience !

Max Bowsher (maxb) said : #9

Hi Charles,

Whilst a full Launchpad Administrator could do as you suggest, they tend to be madly busy. We can probably get this done sooner for you if you first claim the ~debian-med-packaging team (again), and then visit #launchpad on to ask for the merge to be redone at a time when you are able to immediately able to claim the address for ~debian-med. (The merge only requires the lesser privilege of Registry Administrator.)


Charles Plessy (plessy) said : #10

Problem solved on IRC as suggested. Many thanks !