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Asked by Miloud B. on 2011-04-08

Hi guys,

I'm a Bazaar fan, I use it for all my projects and I don't want to switch to any other VCS. Now, I'm going to start a large scale project with a team and we're willing to host all our work by ourselves. *But* one big issue is finding a suitable Project Management platform that supports bazaar well. Launchpad integrates it natively which is great, and no there's no doubt that Launchpad is the perfect candidate besides it was my target in the first place but when I've read: "We open sourced launchpad, not the tools to administrate it", I understood it as in "You can have launchpad, you can install it, you can run it, but you shouldn't".

Then, I thought well okay, no problem if there are no administration tools, let's take a look at the administration documentation, I keep searching in launchpad, in google, in bing: launchpad administration, launchpad documentation, ...etc but I couldn't come across such a manual or stuff...

Where is the documentation targeted to people who're willing to run their own instance of lp?
Is it risky to run my own instance on a large project considering the lack of *tools*? (I don't know what tools are missing btw)

Thank you,


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Miloud B. (goundy) said : #1

In addition: What version of ubuntu server should I have to run the latest lp's *stable* release?

j.c.sackett (jcsackett) said : #2

There are directions for building and running launchpad here:

I should note though that these directions are for people contributing code to launchpad, and create a development instance. Self hosted launchpad instances isn't really a supported use, as you noted in your question.

If you're main reason for wanting to self host is to keep code &c private or to develop a commercial application, please note that we do support private bzr branches [1] and commercial projects [2].


Miloud B. (goundy) said : #3

Hi back.

First of all thank you J.c for your answer.
Second, my question hasn't been answered at all, I already know you do offer private projects support, but one thing changes everything, we're developing on a dedicated server, and storing all that is related to the project there, I don't see the point of splitting the data between the launchpad official instance and our private server.

The page you refer to only shows how to run Launchpad... this is 1% of managing a launchpad instance.

Again, you didn't answer my question at all, could you please reset the question's status to unanswered yet?

Thank you,

Curtis Hovey (sinzui) said : #4

We have not written documentation about how to setup and maintain Launchpad. We opened the source so that users could read the code to assure themselves it is secure and to permit users to develop features that all users would benefit from. We have neither the staff or the information to explain how to setup a small or large instance of Launchpad.

Miloud B. (goundy) said : #5

Hi back,

Thank you Mr. Curtis for your answer.

"We opened the source so that users could read the code to assure themselves it is secure and to permit users to develop features that all users would benefit from"
Which leads exactly to: "Launchpad is *open source*, you can get the sources, you can install it, you can run it, but you *can't* host your own instance".
And the "we don't have the staff to document our product" is a weak statement, because I believe many people are spending long and tedious hours on maintaining this huge piece of platform everyday, therefor stating that no single administration document (or a small piece of it) doesn't exist... this is pretty harsh.

Sorry for the criticism, but I don't like to beat on the bush, my straight forward question was simply looking for a straight forward answer instead of a piece of nonsense excuses. And please, stop staining the "open source" wording while your only and main goal is to leverage the community to enforce your corporate offer at a reduced cost (Money never sleeps indeed).

Thus, thanks for pointing indirectly that no document is going to be made available, I'll as from now look for an alternative :)

Best regards

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