Replacing all translations with new .po files.

Asked by moma on 2011-02-26

I would like to replace all translations of the "audio-recorder" project with new files. Audio-recorder is a relatively new project, and it's based on the older "rec-applet" project.

The audio-recorder project

And its translations

The current translations contain a lot of rubbish/unused msgIDs. And I would like to get rid of those old strings.

I want to replace the translations with new .po files. The new .po files are here:

I have tried to "upload" these files to the Launchpad, but I cannot see any changes on the translations page.

Please help if you can.

EDIT: I noticed that there were no "audio-recorder.pot" file in the po/ directory, so I added it there. I also requested a new import from the trunk. I hope the re-import will now fix and overwrite the translations.

I have tried all kinds of tricks.

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moma (osmoma) said : #1

Ok. the new "import from trunk" worked fine. I also received a confirmation email from the Launchpad. The message says:

"""Translation template import - audio-recorder in Audio Recorder trunk.
On 2011-02-26 08:10z (1 minutes ago), you uploaded a translation template for audio-recorder in Audio Recorder trunk in Launchpad. The template has now been imported successfully.
Very good.
I can now see that the translation page has been updated. And this case is solved.

But Launchpad should have sent an error message about the missing "audio-recorder.pot" file (missing template). I imported and uploaded everything 10 times and no error-messages was sent or shown.

Henning Eggers (henninge) said : #2

Sorry, I had meant to tell you that you need to upload a template but my day was too busy yesterday. Glad you found it out yourself.

Launchpad does not complain about a missing template because it looks at one file at a time when approving translations. Because it may still process the template and come back to the translation in a later run, it does not complain. It expects that the template will have been uploaded, too, or else simply waits for that to happen. This is not easily changed.

The process for translating your project is described on the help pages and it describes how to first upload a template: