How can I add a binary hint to packages for bug reports later on?

Asked by schnollk on 2007-10-04

Hi there.

I have reported a bug. While doing so I wasn't sure about which package the bug belongs to but now I know.

So how can I add this information? When I click "Also affects distribution" under "Actions" on the left, choose the distribution and add the package name for "Source Package Name:" I get the following error:

"This bug is already open on Ubuntu with no package specified. You should fill in a package name for the existing bug.
The source package in which the bug occurs. Leave blank if you are not sure."

What do I do?


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To fill in the package name, click on the on one of the down arrows (under status or importance) and then fill in the Package field. Not very self explanatory really....

Christian Reis (kiko) said : #2

Though the question has merit -- it is impossible to add a binary
package hint after the bug is created, since all that form does is
discover dynamically which source package corresponds to that binary.

Is that a problem? Should it be reported as a bug?

schnollk (schnollk) said : #3

Thanks for your answers, guys.

Well, Christian, it really is not self explaining. Andrewsomething solved my question, though I wouldn't mind it beeing easier to find out :)

schnollk (schnollk) said : #4

Thanks andrewsomething, that solved my question.